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Hey, this is me, Simon Harries, along with Neil Bosley and combined we have decades of experience in digital marketing.

I’ve helped top product creators bring their life-changing tools to thousands of independent marketers and small businesses. Plus, I have personally helped develop several of the most powerful social media traffic softwares available today.

Neil has quietly been creating high quality products, not to mention a multiple SIX figure business online since 2012, and all by using the power of video! But MORE importantly his products have helped countless action takers finally make real money online.

Here’s A Small Sample Of REAL RESULTS Students Get With Neil’s Products:


As PROUD As We Are Of The Results Students Have Gotten From Our Previous Methods...

We’ve NEVER Been As Excited As By What’s Happening In The Market RIGHT NOW

Today’s MASSIVE Consumer Shift Can Make You Effortless Profits

Two VERY dynamic things are happening in the market today.



social media is exploding and growing at a rate never seen before.


video has become THE most preferred type of content online.


NEITHER of these are fads or trends. Both video and social media are here to stay, and gaining momentum every single day.

This Means A VERY Profitable Opportunity For Smart Marketers

Consider the following stats:

Over 64% of all consumer internet traffic comes from video - and that number is predicted to increase to a WHOPPING 80% by 2019, according to Cisco

Facebook’s 1.71 BILLION active monthly users watch over 8 billion videos every single day

Video is the #1 driver of sales in the $60+ BILLION dollar information market

90% of all internet users say a product video HELPS in the decision process

Meaning? Video And Social Media Are A GOLDMINE

Businesses and marketers are NOT dumb. They KNOW video out-converts any other type of content.

They KNOW video posts get shared up to 1200% MORE on social media than other type of content.

But what they don’t know … is HOW to profit from it.

That’s where YOU come in. By providing video creation and marketing services to a literally UNLIMITED market, even if you never create a video yourself.

When you combine video with social media marketing,
you can pretty much WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK …


Here Are The Simple Facts:

Over 50 million small businesses have FB pages … but only 6% of all FB pages are promoted with paid ads

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search engine results for ANY topic

71% of marketers agree that video out-converts any other type of content they publish

92% of mobile video consumers SHARE videos they watch

Higher Conversions, VIRAL Traffic And A Market That Doesn’t Know How To Take Advantage?

That, friends, is a ‘perfect storm’ - an opportunity ANYONE can take advantage of. Well - not anyone - just anyone that knows EXACTLY how to help these businesses, and can effectively sell the services.

Imagine being in a position to offer MULTIPLE video AND traffic services to an UNLIMITED client base just LINING UP to pay you …

Without ANY previous experience, skills or EVEN NEEDING to fulfill the services yourself. Sounds like a golden opportunity for yet another DFY service, but ...

There’s A HUGE Problem With Most ‘DFY’ Programs

We’ve all seen the offers. Heck between the 3 of us we’ve invested TENS OF THOUSANDS on so-called “complete, DFY income packages”.

The ones that promise “everything on a silver platter” and “push-button profits”. We’ve YET to find one that is actually complete.

Possibly, you too have been sold on one of these dreams. A “business-in-a-box” that turns out to be some outdated PLR product with a few sales tools tossed in as a “bonus”.


You Either Get The Product OR A Traffic Source … But NEVER A Complete System

What’s the point of buying a “turn-key”, “DFY”, “all-in-one”, “[or any other INFLATED claim you can think of]…” SYSTEM if it only includes ONE piece of the puzzle?

You get a product … but no way to sell it. OR,
You get a selling platform & maybe even a traffic source … but no product.

And back on the merry-go-round you go. Still looking for the “missing piece” that will complete the puzzle.

Let’s get back to reality.

We already KNOW that video services are in UNLIMITED demand - independent marketers and businesses know how much they boost conversions.

Over $4.4 MILLION Dollars Were Spent On Video Creation Tools In The Past 10 Months Alone …

But even BUYERS of these products are STILLpaying video creators to do the work!

We ALSO know that social media traffic is explosive and can be HIGHLY targeted for unlimited profit potential.

Facebook is a monster with over 1.71 billion active monthly users.

Instagram’s 500 + million users are some of the MOST ENGAGED of any platform.

YouTube “how to” searches are up 70% YEAR over YEAR, with over 100 million hours watched annually - these are BUYERS looking for ANSWERS.

Unlimited Audience + Engaged Users ACTIVELY Searching For Solutions?

RIGHT now we have this HUGE market looking for video services. And a FURTHER opportunity to drive traffic for this market.

Meaning? YOU can provide both traffic AND conversions to a never-ending supply of marketers, local and small businesses.

Or just sell the services and profit as the “middle-man”.

How Can YOU Profit From This Video & Social Traffic Goldmine?

First, you’re going to need to know how to create videos, or at least find someone who can do it for you

Next, you’re going to need to know how to provide OTHER valuable video marketing services - SEO and ranking at the very least

Then, you’ll have to master driving traffic with social media so you can provide positive ROI campaigns for clients

PLUS, you’ll need a top-converting selling platform of your own - a site that attracts and CONVERTS prospects into clients

AND a support team in place to help at every step along the way …

Business is all about supply and demand.

The DEMAND for these products and services is unlimited.
If you can SUPPLY them - or get OTHERS to - you’re almost there.

The only thing left would be a sales and a delivery platform that closes deals FOR you, and of course on-going support.

Well, we’ve watched this opportunity unfold over several months. And have put together the ultimate package for smart marketers that want to take advantage.

You WON’T Need:

To create videos … unless you want to

To have ANY experience providing valuable video marketing services … we’ll show you how … or how to get OTHERS to do it FOR you

To know a thing about social media marketing … that’s covered as well

A website or ANY marketing experience … because it’s ALL included






We saw the countless “business-in-a-box” opportunities flooding our space. And wanted to be the first to provide a 100% COMPLETE solution that lets YOU cash in, by simply delivering what businesses are LINING UP to pay for…

Then charge a FRACTION of what you’d expect to pay for anything even approaching what’s included here.

To meet these ambitious goals, the platform had to be able to:

Let ANYONE, regardless of experience, plug into the monstrous video / social media market to make passive profits

Provide a stunning, dynamic selling platform that literally closes sales FOR YOU

Include every possible tool for you to deliver PREMIUM services even if you choose to outsource everything

That’s Exactly What Video InstaFolio Delivers And Here Are Just Some Of The Results:


The Above Results Are From Students Of The Original Version - This COMPLETELY New Release is 150 Times MORE Powerful!


Install the theme, follow the training and start collecting clients and payments … in as little as 24 hours from NOW


You Need Is Included!

The Products &

You’ll be shown how to create videos for clients using softwares you already own … or how to OUTSOURCE this task if you’d prefer

You’ll unleash the power of video SEO & ranking with our help, to provide services you can charge TOP DOLLAR for on a recurring basis

You’ll discover the most cutting-edge training on the market for driving traffic with FB video ads - and be able to charge maximum rates providing huge ROI for every campaign your clients run


The Sales

We’re kind of proud of this one, so don’t mind if we “gush” a little. Over 14 months in development and tested by the most demanding site developers out there …

INCLUDED with your access today is our next generation, 100% mobile responsive, stunning parallax WordPress theme.

This is YOUR sales platform and will INSTANTLY position you as a 6 figure video marketing consultant. It’s professional, visually stunning and will do ALL the selling for you:

100% customisable

Drag and drop easy so you can edit any element from your brand to services, testimonials and more - if you can imagine it, this theme can handle it

Top converting sales video included

Turn MORE prospects into buyers with this DFY video sales letter.

Professional sales copy

Turn MORE prospects into buyers with this DFY video sales letter.

100% mobile optimized

You’ll want to see your site on your phone as it looks SO good - previous students have closed deals in restaurants just showing off their mobile sites to prospects.

Next generation design and graphics

Parallax for a great user experience, and premium graphics to make your sites stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Retargeting - friendly

Easily drop a pixel on the page to retarget visitors to increase conversions up to 400%.

7 demo videos INCLUDED

Quickly show prospects exactly what you offer and the type of results they’ll get - all professionally created and rendered by our video team.

4 suggested services WITH descriptions

Showcasing your product and service portfolio to a huge range of clients.

Optin form compatible

With ALL major autoresponders … build a prospect list you can market to long term.

FB App Integration

Leverage viral FB traffic by plugging your platform straight into your FB page.

3 Blog Articles

That build your brand & authority as a video consultant.

SEO optimized

For targeted, FREE organic traffic - the clients can find YOU.

See EXACTLY How Great Your Sales Platform Will Look In This Video Walkthrough:

With Video InstaFolio, you get it all.

The products and services to provide to a hungry & growing market.

The training that’ll show you EITHER how to provide the services yourself OR outsource them for passive profits.

A next generation sales platform that renders PERFECTLY on any device and can take payments for you 24/7

A DFY ‘client finding system’ that drives both viral social media AND search engine traffic to build YOUR customer base on complete autopilot.


ZERO coding

No added / extra fees

World class support

Local & offline potential

Optimized Copy

Eye-popping graphics

Facebook App Integration

Paypal Integration

Twitter & YouTube social features

DFY sales video

Any SINGLE Piece Of This COMPLETE Package Could Be A Product On Its Own ...

Forget PLR or ‘business in a box’ plans. This COMPLETE package is YOUR TICKET to long term, sustainable online earnings … in literally minutes per day.

Everything you could need - along with the step-by-step training to put it to use - is included. The ONLY way to fail with this is not to open the package!

With your access to Video InstaFolio today, you get:

Complete training on WHAT video & social media services to offer, how to provide them and how to outsource them!

A cutting edge WP theme you can customize to showcase your products and services to a massive client base … this next generation theme literally does ALL the selling for you!

Step-by-step video training on how to run PROFITABLE FB video ad campaigns for yourself OR your clients - delivered by an industry expert who’s built his entire business on this EXACT model.

Industry leading, “exceed your expectations” ongoing support. Your success is our only concern, and we pride ourselves on customer service.

Here’s a small sample of feedback from our past products:


Consider Just A FEW Of The
Countless Applications:


Get greedy for a second. Even if you have zero interest in providing these products and services to others, YOU could leverage the training on video creation, ranking and SEO. The complete FB video ads system. AND the flexible WP sales theme you can 100% customize to your OWN business. Get floods of traffic while EXPLODING your conversion rates for unheard of profits.

Video Marketers

Discover trade secrets of top converting videos & ranking for your own business, AND/OR market these services to a huge range of clients.

Social Media Marketers

EVERYONE wants to advertise on FB, but very few realize how cost effective video ads can be. Now you can be the person delivering incredible ROI to clients, and get paid a premium to do it.


No matter what service you offer, your clients can ALWAYS use more traffic and higher conversions. With this system, you can instantly offer video and social media marketing services that get your clients results, and get you paid.

Niche Marketers

Go after a variety of under-served local markets that NEED your help. Create niche videos and marketing services for restaurants, lawyers, automotive companies, realtors, health care professionals and more. Any business within a few minutes walk of your home could use your help! Or, go online and market to eCom store owners, online course creators and other independent online marketers.

Arbitrage Specialists

Nothing feels quite as good as selling a service at one price, then getting it done for much less … and keeping the profit! That’s as hands-free income as it gets, and with our included training and platform, these arbitrage profits are yours for the taking!

WordPress Users / Site Developers

You’ll have a tough time finding a theme as visually appealing, high-converting and easy to customize as this. No matter your niche, you can tailor-make unlimited top converting sites using this theme and it’ll cost you MUCH less than anything else you’ll see on the market.

Complete IM Beginners

3 things you need to profit online: a product or service to offer, a hungry market, and a way to sell. Video InstaFolio covers ALL THREE and gives you every tool you need, plus step-by-step training on how to do it. There really isn’t a simpler system to make YOU profits online as a complete beginner.

See EXACTLY How Great Your Sales Platform Will Look In This Video Walkthrough:

Whether you use the software and tools in this package for yourself - or to sell as services to others - you are on the FAST TRACK to online profits with your access today.

Never before has there been such a PERFECT combination for marketers: video services in demand and social platforms to drive targeted traffic at will. This is your golden ticket to long term, evergreen profits in ANY niche you want to pursue.

One Profitable Niche Or 100? The Choice Is Yours!

Choose our Premium Package - while it’s still available - and you can create up to 100 InstaFolio sites using this next generation theme.

Imagine - marketing to targeted clients in up to 100 different niches with a site built SPECIFICALLY to sell to your audience. This package ALSO lets you install the theme on client sites so you can charge WHATEVER you like for immediate & substantial profits.

Recurring PASSIVE Income

That’s the dream of ANY business person. Passive profits that come in regularly. With your access to Video InstaFolio, that dream is now a reality.

When you deliver your clients professional videos, SEO services and social media traffic (all child’s play with the included tools), they’ll NEVER look anywhere else. And will gladly CONTINUE to pay you every single month to keep delivering.

Do it yourself to keep 100% of the revenues, or outsource for a completely passive, recurring revenue stream.

Sounds Great But Will This Work For Me?
It Sure Will And We’ll GUARANTEE IT!


The Video InstaFolio 100% UNCONDITIONAL Double Your Money Back Guarantee

We’re SO confident that Video InstaFolio will work for you that we’re putting our money where our mouths are.

You’ve already seen the incredible results students have been getting. So we’re willing to assume ALL of the risk to make this an easy decision for you today.

Pick up Video InstaFolio now and take it for a spin for 14 days. If for ANY reason during that time you don’t feel it delivers on EVERY claim on this page … if you’re NOT enjoying the powerful theme that sells clients FOR you … even if you don’t feel the top level training on video marketing services and Facebook traffic can benefit YOUR business … just contact us for a no-questions-asked refund.

Or - if after 30 days of taking action with the software and training you’re not completely satisfied with your results - let us know. We’ll give you a choice. We’ll either work with you PERSONALLY until you’re enjoying all the benefits this incredible package can deliver, or we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back. You’ll just have to show us what you’ve done to take action with this system.

What could be more fair than that? We’ve got you covered both ways, so you have absolutely NOTHING to risk when you take action today.

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