The Five Most Strangely Effective Methods

for Increasing the Profit Potential and Growth of your Website

Without Investing Thousands in Custom Design and Code or Wasting Weeks Getting Setup

Finally segment individual subscribers & direct them to unique end results based on their needs


Ask yourself this...

Have You Ever Wanted To Turn Cold Traffic To Paying Customers?
Get Your Audience To Your Offers Without Playing The “Hard Sale” Card?
How About Find The Perfect Potential Customers For A Specific Offer?

    Reviews From Happy Clients

    "It's Truly One of the Most Powerful & Effective Pre-Qualifying Tools You Could Deploy"

    "It's Truly One of the Most Powerful & Effective Pre-Qualifying Tools You Could Deploy"

    Studies by maillchimp show that segmenting your list by their interests yield 73% increase in click through rate and that segmenting in general increase it by 53%

    When we measured stats “across all segmented campaigns,” segmented campaigns performed markedly better than their non-segmented counterparts.

    • 1

      Future Proof Surveys

      Multiple Choice Customer surveys allow you to make sure your content is relevant to your audiences needs

    • 2

      Blog Lead Capture Forms

      Increase your subscriber base with strategically placed optin forms

    • 3

      2nd Chance with Exit Intent Technology

      Just before you visitor tries to leave your site, Redeem yourself with a second chance to make them take a action.

    • 4

      High Ticket Application Forms

      Offer high ticket mentoring or group coaching by finding the perfect prospects for your offers.

    • 5

      Segmented Webinar Registration Forms

      If you sell via webinars, Make sure your pitch is relevant to your attendees business model & watch your conversions sky rocket.

    These 5 simple strategies can dramatically change the potential of your site instantly


    without implementing the following "5 hacks" into your campaigns you will never get the results you need to take your business to the next level

    • #1

      Hack One: Micro Commitments

      Use Micro commitments to get your audience to take action. This is were you bait your visitors to start a process with a very simple easy to take action (such as clicking a button or making a simple choice between two options).

    • #2

      Hack Two: Sequenced Questioning

      Sequenced Questioning is another ninja tecnique we implemented to keep conversions high. Have you ever looked at a passport application only to see a thousand questions you need to fill in and decide "I will do it later". Well, That same theory is why most survey solutions fail.
      We only ask one question at a time, This keeps your audience curious and answering questions all the way to the end.

    • #3

      Hack Three: Advanced Segmentation based on their preferences

      I'm not talking about moving customers from one list to another. Thats a sure fire way to screw up. You need to target your subscribers based on multiple factors like; What business they run, What they need help with, and how much they earn.
      Imagine being able to send a email to a segment that you know are "running a affiliate site, they earn over $2k a month, They struggle setting up sales funnels and they have requested personal mentoring. (Thats advanced segmentation)

    • #4

      Hack Four: Autofill Subscriber/Member Details

      If you send out a survey to your subscribers, You can't ask them to enter their email into a optin form AGAIN.. Thats like forgetting someones name..
      Your surveys MUST input this information on their behalf before they even get to putting in their answers.
      This way you collect a users preferences even if they don't finish the whole survey, and your completion rate of subscribers that complete your survey is much higher as they don't need to do those extra steps that every other survey system on the planet forces subscribers to do..

    • #5

      Hack Five: Personalised Thank You Page or Offer

      They just gave you a stack load of information, If you send them to a standard thank you page that doesn't have any relevance to their needs then its gonna look pretty bad on your part.
      Use the information they gave you to send them to a offer specific to their needs or give them a message that reaches out to them personally. Build that relationship and your business will grow!

    • #6

      Hack Six: Don't be boring...

      You seen those boring looking surveys that look like they have not been updated since the 90's. Don't be that guy who sends them out...
      Surprise your subscribers with a funky style, Keep their attention by animating in the next question. Don't offer the same answer inputs in a row. Keep it spicy and your emgagement will increase along with your conversions.

    & Finally, The most important Hack ...

    • #7

      Hack Seven: Make it stupid easy to finish

      Your subscribers don't like wasting time.
      The easier it is for them, the higher your conversions & the more profit you generate.
      The longer it takes and the more "work" your audience have to do, the lower your conversions will be.


    Knowing Exactly What Every Single Visitor Is...

    • 1

      Struggling To Accomplish

      So you know exactly what they need help with

    • 2

      Their Biggest Frustration

      The biggest pain point they want to eliminate

    • 3

      What Business They Run

      So you can target your content so it is relevant

    • 4

      Even How Much They Earn

      So you can determine price points for your offers

    When you offer what your visitors want...

    You build a stronger relationship with your audience

    What If...

    Your emails were personalised to each individual subscribers needs?

    By laser targeting your promotional emails, you will get less unsubscribes, You will be sending more relevant content, you will increase open and click through rates and you WILL generate more sales.

    Better yet, you will increase the retention rate of your entire audience by delivering exactly what they want.

    If you send the same offer to your entire audience you are destroying a large percentage of your profits and subscribers.

    Relevance = Customer Satisfaction = More Profits

    If you want to stop struggling with email marketing and increase the profit potential of every single individual subscriber.

    Then Read on...


    The Only Tool on the Market That

    Increases the Profit Potential of Every Single Visitor to your Site

    All in One Research, Segmentation, Conditional Direction, Lead Capture and Exit Intent Popup, Page and Form Builder

    Is it hard to find out what your subscribers want?

    Not if you make it stupid easy for your audience to do

    With just two simple questions...

    In a few seconds, I have discovered...

    • 1

      What type of pet you prefer

      well either a cat or a dog in this example..

    • 2

      & Why, you like them...

      all in a few simple clicks from your visitor...

    I can instantly see, What the majority of my audience has a preference for...

    However, I could also look at the individual results of a specific subscriber...

    This is as far as most survey solutions go, However...

    If you really want to get Results... Read on..

    You Can Do Everything

    With One Single Tool that is Optimised to Get Results Instantly

    IF you want to get:


    • The Best Survey Conversion Rates Ever
    • Better Open & Click Through Rates
    • Reduced Spam and Unsubscribes
    • Stronger Relationships
    • More Fresh Subscribers
    • Bigger Profit Margins

    Then keep reading, Its about to get good!

    This is why PageFunnels is way ahead of the game

    • 1

      The answers are linked with the individual users

      So you can use your email marketing platform to send relevant content specifically to those who want it. Send the perfect email overtime and be 100% it is relevant and exactly what your subscriber wants. No more shooting in the dark...

    • 2

      Micro Commitments & Sequenced Questioning Increases Conversion Rates

      Your customers will love answering your surveys with our stupid simple user experience that ensures your visitors get to the end.

    • 3

      Our Surveys Appear where your audience is

      Use one of our survey pages, Embed it on your blog post or in a sidebar, Even have it appear as a popup on click or via exit intent inside your membership site.

    • 4

      Surveys made for your current subscribers or brand new visitors

      IF you send out a survey to your email list, You don't want them typing their name and email in "again". You already have it and PageFunnels allows you to import it straight into the survey so they never see another optin form.
      If you have a Wordpress membership site, PageFunnel will pull their details directly from their account information.

    Our Surveys are designed to look great


    Plus A Whole Lot More

    Here's What You Get Inside

    • 1

      PageFunnels Wordpress Plugin

      Includes a MultiSite Licence so you can use it on all your personal websites.

    • 2

      Five PageFunnel Template Styles

      These templates work as both popups, embedable surveys and Survey Pages,

    • 3

      Future Proof Customer Survey Template

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    • 4

      two step optin sequence survey template

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    • 5

      High Ticket Mentoring Survey

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    • 5

      ProFunnels Marketing Community

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    Advanced List Segmentation

    The first Conversion focused surveys that  allow you to segment your audience via the answers they choose. Now you can send emails directly to laser targeted segments by combining multiple tags together.

    Unique End Results Dependant on Answers

    Ever wanted to send a offer to your list knowing that only a small percentage would be interested? Now you can direct certain visitors to specific offers dependant on what answers they input. That means higher conversions and more profit without frustrating everyone on your list that has no interest in that offer.

    Open ended questions or Multiple choice

    Wether you want to segment your audience and find out what they are interested in or you want to go into more detail and discover exactly what they want in their own words page funnels gives you the control to do it.

    No you can setup surveys for high ticket mentoring packages or customer satisfaction surveys all using the same software.

    Notify your sales team instantly

    A potential subscriber just signed up showing interest in a "high ticket" training package. You want to make sure they are seen to as soon as possible before they cool down. With pagefunnels you can send a email directly to your sales team as soon as someone meets a certain criteria. (for example willing to spend over 5k on personal mentoring). No losing profits here!

    100% Money Back "No Questions Asked" Guarantee


    If you are not 100% Satisfied, we have a Triple guarantee that means if you don't like the product, the training or even the look of the sales page. You can request a full refund no questions asked.

    And if thats not enough we will go above and beyond in helping you get results with PageFunnels.  We know this works, Thats why we made it. (beware of the clones and copycats)

    No More Sitting On The Fence

    My Name Is Alexander Sebastian,

    I decided to build PageFunnels in 2013 and have been working on this concept ever since. When I realised their is no "one size fits all" for my own customers I came to the realisation I needed a solution as their was nothing on the market that could do anything the way I imagined.

    We wanted to take the conversion rates of landing pages and apply that knowledge to our PageFunnel Surveys.



    We implemented micro commitments and sequenced questions to dramatically increase the conversion rates of our surveys. Then we worked with the most advanced email marketing platforms in the industry to make sure our tool would allow us to laser target our subscribers with email. This is when we introduced the advanced segmentation formula that allows us to combine multiple segments together to laser target our audience so we make sure our offers are 100% relevant to our users.

    WE knew we still had a long way to go, We wanted to not only be known as a survey platform, we wanted Pagefunnels to be the best lead capture and exit intent tool on the market.

    We introduced the first ever sequenced questioning survey in a popup that automated campaigns in real time via your email marketing platform (like active campaign).

    We knew we wanted to make it easier for our fronted users so we could increase the completion rates of all our PageFunnels So we created a solution to automatically import your customer emails from both your email marketing platform or your wordpress database.

    Now we are going one step further... Watch this space